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Our History

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-10-43-01-pmLabCanna officially started in January of 2016 after Co-Founders, Joshua Camp and Ian Leadon decided to take part in Tennessee’s Industrial Hemp Research Program offered by the State under the Federal 2014 Farm Bill. Having a great desire to do some good for our State and Country as a whole, Joshua and Ian set about investigating every nuance about Tennessee Hemp cultivation opportunities. This investigation led them to the TNHIA (Tennessee Hemp Industries Association), which Joshua Camp is now in service as a Board of Directors Member. This Association, with local legislators, has been at the forefront of paving a way for this industry to grow out of its infancy.

In April of 2016, LabCanna was awarded the first ever Hemp Processing License by the State. Since then, LabCanna has tried to assist and immerse itself in the local grower community, primarily to see them turn a profit and have an avenue to turn their harvest into a product. Considering there over 500 known products made from Hemp, a producer needs to have a focus for what end product they are growing for. Labcanna is committed to assisting this focus and developing the infrastructure farmers will need to maximize on their harvest profits.

An Eye to the Future

LabCanna and TenneCBD Featured on The Tennessean

(Photo: Mark Zaleski/The Tennessean)

We were recently featured in the Tennessean and on Lightning 100, a popular local radio station. We have been lucky enough to help lead the conversation about hemp and CBD here in Tennessee and remove the stigma around this beneficial plant. If you have any questions about CBD or industrial hemp, we recommend starting here. There is even a section for you to pose questions and see our answers to other customer’s questions as well.

Our Founders

About Joshua Camp:
Joshua has a very strong business background that has led him to work on restructuring, optimization, and marketing of major companies like Fisker Automotive, Segway, GoPicnic, PepsiCo Asia, and more. Having founded multiple media and technology companies, most with a focus on marketing, Joshua has become a well known consultant and entrepreneur. Joshua is also a well known advocate and truly believes that Cannabis will make our world better.

About Ian Leadon:

“I am dedicating my life to promoting and exploring the benefits of the most homeopathic plant on Earth. If it makes our lives healthier and richer, it needs to be supported.” – Ian Leadon