LabCanna’s Artist Corner: “Exit Through the Gallery”

LabCanna hosts monthly “Exit Through The Gallery” art installations at LabCanna East, spotlighting the work of local artists, often exploring themes related to unity, gender, community, and identity.

While this gallery is free to view, we also accept donations to support Last Prisoner’s Project’s Roll It Up for Justice Campaign, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those, specifically communities of color, that have been affected by the “war on drugs” through cannabis criminal justice reform.

Small change can make a big impact, and every cent raised through the program gets us closer to the day when every last cannabis prisoner is set free


About the Artist: Sean Drennen
Sean was not always interested in the arts. He started his career as a waterboy for Louisiana college football teams (most notably the Mud Dogs)

One day during a team practice, Sean’s temper got the best of him while being bullied by a player who he was serving water to. Sean tackled the player with such intensity and strength, that the coach made him starting linebacker for the team on the spot.

This would have been fine, except for the fact that Sean’s mother despised football, even going so far as to call it “The Devil”. Sean went on to finish the season with the team, even leading them to the Bourbon Bowl.

By the time the big game rolled around, his mother found out that he was playing football, and to everyone’s surprise accepted and supported him. Sean and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl, and after that Sean retired from the sport and married his first wife Vickie Vallencourt.

That all happened sometime around 1998. Currently Sean only focuses on tattooing and painting, and leads a quiet life. For tattoo appointments or painting inquires please email him at [email protected]

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Past Installs

Some Photos: An Exhibition of 35MM Street Photography
About the Artist: Joseph B. Christy
Joseph B. Christy is a Native Tennessean, who lives in the Nashville area. In addition to a degree in art from Lipscomb University, Joseph also obtained Master’s Degrees in Education and Painting, from Georgetown College and Marshall University, respectively.

When not painting, Joe can usually be found reading, writing or working on home renovation projects with his blurry wife, Paige.

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Some Photos: An Exhibition of 35MM Street Photography
About the Artist: Alex Crawford
Alex Crawford is a commercial photographer specializing in portrait, lifestyle, still life, and food photography. Currently based out of Nashville, TN, Alex has lived in Houston, Portland, NYC, and LA and he knows some sick locations (and skate spots) in all those cities, plus some.

Equally comfortable in the studio or on location, Alex loves collaborating with a team to bring a vision to life in vivid detail.

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Potheads: A Living Room Vibe | July/ August ’21
About the Artist: Sara Moroni
“I am a southern queer artist with three different styles of art. Why pizza? Because each style is so different I needed to unify them as slices of pizza in my weird art pizza shop. Playful cartoons, textured abstract paintings, and clean graphic designs all combined in one artist.

Inspired by living rooms filled with plants and art, this installation is a combination of each art style in a weird and playful way. Featuring painted plant pots called “Pot Heads,” terrariums that you should take a closer look at, fake plants, and a variety of wall art. Take your time, look around, you may be surprised at what you find.”

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Apposite Relevance: Deconstructing Change | June ’21
About the Artist: Mackenzie Moore
“Hey, I’m Mackenzie. I design things, and draw things, and photograph things. I also like to cook things, and eat things, and drink things.”

See more from Mackenzie:

About the Artist: Blake Owens
“My name is Blake Owens and I have been tattooing in Nashville since 2011. I am a well versed tattoo artist specializing in many styles.”

See more from Blake:

About the Artist: CRSTPHN
“Daryle Carstaphen, born Sept.22, 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio. Also known as BLKSUNCHILD, is a multifaceted artist.”

See more from CRSTPHN:

I Am Jay Dee | April/May ’21
About the Artist: Jay Dee
Jay Dee is a Tennessee native artist. His early works include music, poetry and carpentry, but in 2015 he picked up pencils and discovered the art of photorealism. Using graphite and charcoal he brings portraits to life of these most influential faces. With each pencil stroke, he speaks to their spirits and thanks them for their passions and sacrifice.

Founder of the Ginderseed Gallery, Jay’s mission is to bring the client as close to the artist as possible. Creating this “house of art” as a means of delivering the finest hand crafted products. Contact The Gingerseed Gallery and explain to them your vision. You will work with the artist directly and watch your dreams come to life.

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Femme & Flora
Femme & Flora | March ’21
About the Artist: Keisha Lopez
Keisha Lopez is an artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. She studies Art Therapy specializing in the socio-psychological impacts of gender-based violence.

“Femme & Flora” is the ongoing investigation throughout her work of her Latin cultural ties. This work was created while in extensive quarantine due to her chronic Leukemia amidst COVID-19. It emulates an imagined landscape balancing between psychological and surreal spaces that she turned to while in isolation. In the current social climate, the veil has been lifted on before-silenced issues on what it truly feels like to be a woman. In an attempt to overcome obstacles in life, she paints raw painterly chaos filled with emotions that are unable to be put into words. She is painting the inner turmoil bursting out of the collective pores of women felt across generations.

Keisha Lopez’s work explores ideas of cultural ties, femininity, trauma healing, auras, and the sublime.

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Harmony | February ’21
About the Artist: Ty Christian​
“I was born the youngest of three boys in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My styles of art are versatile; from realism with pencil and acrylic paint, to abstract and surrealism.

Harmony is a series of artwork dedicated to the betterment of our relationships with neighboring communities and foreign lands. Visually portraying the power of love, unity and equality while acknowledging our similarities and respecting our differences. We are all beautiful in our own ways, but blinding to the eye when we are all as one.

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