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These people are what helping looks like.

Great team, amazing company message and stellar products.

These people are what helping looks like. I wish them all the success in the world!


Awesome CBD oils!

Really enjoying their benefits.



MY DOG IS SERIOUSLY CURED, he used to get red splotches on his belly every day and he suffered from hip dysplasia at only 5 years old, while he is not cured, he shows no sign of either issue, results within 5 days of starting and it has been 3 months


Was losing faith that CBD wasn’t for me

I have tried Hempworks and it did nothing for me. Total waste of money. Was losing faith that CBD wasn’t for me or just didn’t meet it’s hype. Got my hands on TenneCBD and oh my goodness my anxiety attacks have tremendously decreased within days off taking TenneCBD. I sleep so much better and feel like a new person after the months of mental heck I have been through. Will be a forever customer now. I can only seeing my health to continue to improve.


TenneCBD helps my whole family!

Hearing great things about CBD is one thing….experiencing them for yourself is another! I’ve tried other brands and LabCanna has by far the smoothest taste, and the best results. Their TenneCBD helps my whole family! Thank you for providing a safe, effective option for anxiety, PTSD, tics and much more. We need more companies like yours that have a true interest in our well-being, not just profiting off of our sickness.


CBD oil has been a blessing

I used my first bottle of Black and purchasing more. I suffer with arthritis in my hip and leg along with other ailments. I have never liked pharmaceuticals so mostly relied on plain aspirin for pain. CBD oil has been a blessing. My blood pressure has dropped from 130 to 103. This company is the Bomb and Joshua has been very kind and informative every time I have spoken with him! God bless you and Labcanna.


Great company and a great product!!!

These products have changed my life. I’ve been using TenneCBD for almost a year.
I keep my Green and Black bottles right on my night stand. In the morning I have found my right dose with Formula Black is between .25ml and .5ml. I take it right when alarm goes off and by the time I hit snooze and next alarm I am up and out of bed with none of my normal morning pains or stiff joints.
The Green Plus Formula has really helped me with a more fulfilling and relaxing sleep. Also, I’ve experience the Green+ is amazing remedy for hangovers @ about .75ml to 1ml🤗
Great company and a great product!!!


Great stuff!

This product has helped my fibromyalgia, migraines and insomnia so much! Great stuff!


Thank you

Thank you Tennecbd and Labcanna for the quick delivery. I have a missing disc in my lumbar region and in pain all the time. Thank you for being my relief and saving me from opioids!


Amazing company

Amazing company with an amazing product. You can tell they truly care about the product that they create.


Exceptional oil!!

LabCanna provides (I think) the oil for the THM Feminine Balance & its changed my life. After just one day I noticed the same results that I’m still getting a month later. Anyone I know suffering from any chronic problem or pain has been told about this. Exceptional oil!!


Modern Hemp Inc

Modern Hemp Inc loves carrying LabCanna Products!!

Modern Hemp Inc

My father was in a wreck 7 years ago that broke his back

After having back surgery to attach a metal piece to his spine, he spent several months in rehabilitation.

Although he was able to function, some of the tasks he was able to do previously took longer. His waist mobility moving from left to right was hindered. There was a constant soreness due to the inflammation caused by the metal in his back.

A little over 2 months ago, he started taking the Green Formula at night before bed. The first thing he noticed is that he was able to sleep better. After taking it for a couple weeks, we were having a family dinner when he stood up to show us something. He was able to turn all the way to the left and all the way to the right without any pain. My 72 year old father had tears in his eyes and choked up as he told us he hasn’t been able to move like that in 10 years! He is now able to do the things he loves again!

This product has not just made a change, but a PROFOUND change in his life. He is forever grateful and will be a mouthpiece for your company and product for years to come.


LabCanna East Store

Very helpful with all the information we needed. Very friendly, and didn’t make you feel pressured to purchase anything. She gave her honest opinion on each product we asked about. We tried a sample and purchased a few things! We will definitely be back.

CamperCouple Life