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  • Synergy | Hybrid Intimate Infusion™

  • Velvet | Silicone Intimate Infusion™


What Makes Us Different?

SOMASUTRA is a sexual intimacy brand dedicated to creating a higher standard of hemp infused intimate products that work for all bodies.

We believe that discomfort or timidness should not be something that you resign to “deal with” during sex. Our hemp infused intimacy products are intently designed to make sex easy and enjoyable for everyone…as it should be.

Our line of Intimate Infusions™ are pH balanced where possible, cruelty free, vegan friendly, paraben free, glycerin free, and latex safe. We do not use spermicides in any of our products to ensure the most natural experience.

Why aren’t these available now?

You may already be familiar with CBD “intimate oils” found online and in paid content on CBD review websites. Because the hemp industry is still considered “the Wild West”, these companies are operating without the testing typically required of this product family – such as the incredibly in-depth biocompatibility tests.

Our Intimate Infusions™ are currently undertaking this process to the fullest extent allowed by the FDA to ensure our products are safe and effective, continuing LabCanna’s tradition of industry leading self regulation standards.

Somasutra review

What are testers saying?

The sex quality overall seemed drastically increased while using these products, leaving both partners awash in an afterglow of sexual euphoria upon completion.”

– Adam

Intently Designed

SOMASUTRA Intimate Infusions™ are expertly formulated to provide a solution for any user.

Expertly crafted for him, for her, for them, and especially for you. Offering water-based, silicone, and hybrid formulas for any occasion or sexual partner.

Lust freely, and without fear.