TenneCBD Pet Plus Beef Flavored



CBD Specially Formulated for Our Furry Friends.

Full Spectrum

TenneCBD Pet Plus is designed as a full spectrum tincture specifically formulated to give your dog, cat or other mammalian family member an adequate dose of relief. Our uniquely blended formula combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural beef pan drippings, and our signature distilled MCT for fast absorption and an irresistible taste.

By reducing the amount of THC present, without compromising the benefits of a natural whole-plant extract, we have taken into consideration that many animals are acutely sensitive to THC and present to you the first line of products designed with this in mind.

3rd Party Lab Tested

In our effort to provide the purest, most effective products on the market, LabCanna provides 3rd party testing results from industry leading experts.

Certificates of Analysis | 500MG
Batch: A265PB5
Batch: A191PB5
Batch: A124PB5
Batch: A43PB5

Certificates of Analysis | 1000MG
Batch: A191PB1
Batch: A124PB1
Batch: A43PB1






Natural Beef Flavor


1000MG, 500MG

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