Somasutra Product Testing

Somasutra is looking for volunteers interested in participating in a 6 week product testing trial for three (3) products within the lubricant line. Somasutra is a sexual wellness brand manufactured by LabCanna. These lubricants improve upon current marketed products by infusing them with cannabidiol and full spectrum hemp distillate.

1. Somasutra Splash – Water-based Lubricant
2. Somasutra Velvet – Silicone Lubricant
3. Somasutra Synergy – Hybrid Lubricant

Who we’re looking for

These products are formulated to provide relief from conditions that can negatively impact sexual experiences such as pain, inflammation, dryness, and irritation. We are looking for input from anyone who is 18+, and specifically those who experience pain and discomfort during sex.


Terms & Conditions
Please read through our Terms & Conditions before emailing. By requesting participation in this trial, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Email [email protected] to request a spot on our product testing team. If selected you will be tasked with using these products and documenting your experience over a designated time frame. You will be provided with ingredient lists, usage instructions, and a questionnaire to record your experiences. These tests and records will remain anonymous and will only be used by our product developers to improve formulations. Spaces are limited.

Get in touch

Email: [email protected]
Use subject: Somasutra Product Testing Request
Provide Information: Name, age, conditions you are wanting to address, and whether or not you have used CBD products in the past.