• Blue Tansy CBD | Benefits of Topical CBD

    Blue Tansy & Topical CBD Topical use of herbal remedies derived from flowers stretch to the beginnings of the modern era, perhaps even farther. Archaeological evidence suggests herbal medicines date back as far as 60,000 years (1), so it only makes sense that we are drawn to these natural healing methods. Topical creams have long …

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  • CBD Oil 101: What You Should Know About This Healing Compound

    CBD Basics By now you’ve probably heard that cannabis has some very real health benefits, and perhaps you’ve been considering trying it for yourself, but something is stopping you. Maybe you can’t get past the stigma associated with cannabis or or you’re afraid it will leave you feeling loopy and tired. We get it. Cannabis …

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  • CBD and Seizures

    Studies Show CBD Slashes Seizures in Kids with Severe Epilepsy

    Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has more healing potential than you can shake a medicine dropper at, but the substance – one of more than 100 active cannabinoids found in marijuana – is perhaps best known for its effects on people with epilepsy. In fact, if you’re on social media (who isn’t?) then you’ve probably seen viral …

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  • CBD and Joint Pain

    CBD for Joint Pain

    Got pain? Pain in the knee? Pain in the neck? A pain in your *ss? Well, if you do, you are not alone. Age, genetics, injury, disease and poor diet are among the leading causes of joint pain. Most people have a pretty good idea why they have a problem. What is usually less clear …

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