How To Become an Affiliate


Fill out the New Affiliate Form, and a representative will reach out to learn how we can work together.


You will be given a custom link to place on your site to send potential customers to


Earn 5% back on sales made through your affiliate link. You will be paid once a month by check.


Rules & Regulations

Before you are approved as a LabCanna Affiliate, we’ll have to make sure that you abide by a few rules. Any deviation from these rules, and any rule breaking, will result in the termination of your affiliate link. We would hate for that to happen, so please review these rules closely before committing to join our team.

Affiliate Link Rules:

  1. Your affiliate link must point to a product page on with anchor text including that product’s name. Or, “Shop LabCanna CBD”, can be used as anchor text pointing to
  2. Your affiliate link must not appear on coupon pages / websites offering discounted prices for products unless that discount is currently being advertised on site. (If we run a 25% off deal so can you! If we don’t, then you don’t).
  3. Your affiliate link must not be attached to any advertisement that is not produced by LabCanna. (If we create an ad you can share with your link, but you cannot create ads unless approved by LabCanna).



  1. All affiliates have a flat commission rate of 5%. If a user follows your link for consecutive purchases, a persistent commission rate of 2.50% will be applied
  2. A monthly commission cap of $1,000 applies to all affiliates
  3. We prevent affiliates from getting commissions from his/her own purchases
  4. We exclude tax from referral commission calculation
  5. We do not exclude discounts from referral commission calculation



  1. Paid through checks only
  2. Must provide mailing address and completed W-9 prior to payment
  3. Affiliates are to be paid monthly (First day of every month)
  4. Affiliates must provide a valid tax ID and address to send necessary tax information once a new affiliate is approved. LabCanna will send all tax information January 31st. If no tax information is provided, LabCanna will withhold 30% to pay those taxes on our end.